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What is a digital assistant?

I am an independent contractor who works from home on my own time. Excellent communication skills are integral to this role and I take great pride in being able to communicate effectively and quickly with clients, employers, and colleagues

how i can help your business

Are you in need of help with your business but don't need to commit to a long-term relationship? Then look no further! My services provide excellent flexibility, allowing you the ability to pick and choose either one-off hours or a set amount of hours per month.

Being a digital generalist I have a varied knowledge of most things digital so if you lack the time or skills, I can take charge. 

Throughout my career, my experience in different industries has enabled me to develop a wealth of knowledge that could be useful to you. These industries include hospitality, education, retail, commercial real estate, and most notably owning three online businesses. 

As a digital assistant, I can perform a wide range of tasks such as managing social media accounts, conducting research, preparing reports, writing blogs, copywriting, keeping website content up to date, and email marketing campaigns to name a few.