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Social Media - it's not just posting to the gram

How do you feel about Social Media?

Does the thought of social media give you heart palpitations?

Are you not sure where to start or are you at the stage of just     winging it?  Do you always know what you are going to post

Social media is more than just posting to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.  You need to have a solid strategy to utilise all the tools these platforms provide and to ensure your branding is evident throughout.

There are tips and tricks that I can help you with so that social media doesn't become a chore you don't enjoy doing, but a fun experience that can generate leads.

Social Media Audits

Social Media Audits are the best place start.  I can look at your bio, analyse your engagement rates, check your branding, the overall look, your CTA's. 

The audit report will show you what is working, what isn't and provide you with recommendations of where to start.

One on One Sessions

I can provide you with a one on one session to teach you some tips and tricks on how to minimise your time on social media and maximise your exposure.

Social Media Manager

And if it all gets too much and you want someone else to do it, then I'm here to help.

I can take complete control of your account or I can create content for you to post yourself.